About The ABRAM

Make the best from The ABRAM (An Energy & Power Sector Professionals Network)

The Energy & Power Sector Industry Network is designed for professionals , scholars , institutes , universities , organizations , companies working all over the the global in energy and power sector. It allows all these professionals to share their knowledge and insights with other professionals. It also allows discussions and interactions that help move the energy and power sector forward.

We came into existence in 2016 by the brand name THE ABRAM , a name associated with Abram energy and power solutions. We at THE ABRAM connects you with the knowledge and people to help you be world-class professionals or brands in energy and power sector.

To unlock the knowledge and expertise of the Energy and Power sector by bring professionals at common global platform, we hope that you will join us on this journey!

Our Mission

Our mission at THE ABRAM is to help global Energy & Power sectors professionals to bring together in one common global platform and work for the betterment of society. Our platform is built to help all our professionals (members) to connect with each other, share their knowledge, experience and advance their careers.

By Registering to this platform, allows you to access more information knowledge by interacting with other members (connecting, discussing and asking & answering questions, commenting & connecting).

We are also having circles (Groups) that allow allows you to access & connect with your peers in your specialty. We will also continuously adding new circles - if you have any suggestion, please contact us at info@theabram.com ,( it will help you to start and grow it ).






From initiating to planning followed by executing, project documentation, monitoring and controlling and then closing, we will take care of your complete project. Our team is having rich experience to take care of your project.


Your reputation is what your brand value in market. From building your loyal customer base to your image in the market with brands associations, we are there for you.


Your goal of improving customer relationships and assisting in their retention and driving sales, is a basic goal of CRM. By using combined practices of strategies and technologies, we will manage your CRM.



From your new product concept to design and then selling to customers, we have tried us with numbers of scholars and R&D scientist, who will help you in developing new products and services.

From gathering and analysis of qualitative data and quantitative data, we will provide marketing research for products and services.


Your employees are your core strength and to improve your current and future employees work performance , training and development is must and for that we are there for you.


To make people aware of your business and what benefit you are providing to them so that you can boost your sales. Our experts from various media house will make this happen for you.